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Character Generation

You have a pool of 24 dice. Before you roll any stats, assign 2-6 dice to each stat. You will then roll that many dice and take the sum of the highest three.

Ex: 3d6 str, 6d6 dex, 3d6 con, 4d6 int, 4d6 wis, 4d6 cha – Taking the 3 highest dice for each stat

Minimum value in anything but Charisma – 5. Minimum Charisma value – 3. (Remember you die if a stat ever reduces to 0 for any reason!)



Pathfinder specific alternate/optional rules


  • Traits – All PCs may pick two traits and they may not be from the same category of traits. For instance, you can have a Faith and a Social, but not two Faith traits. The “feats” from the RotR Player’s guide count as traits. Other traits may be found in the “core” handbooks: APG, UM, UC, AA
  • Base classes – All
  • Alternate classes – Only anti-paladin
  • Alternate abilities/archetypes – Allowed

Advanced Players Guide

  • Combat Maneuvers – Allowed
  • Hero Points – In use. Hero point feats or “anti-hero”, losing hero points in exchange for a bonus feat is allowed.

Ultimate Magic

  • Allowed – Spellblights, spell duels, building constructs, new familiars (area of world dependent)
  • Not allowed – Binding outsiders, words of power

Ultimate Combat

  • Allowed – Duels, Performance Combat, called shots, piecemeal armor,
  • Not allowed – Siege Engines, (most) Vehicles, armor as damage reduction, wounds & vigor



Prestige Classes

A second prestige class can only be taken in the following circumstances

  • All levels of the first prestige class have been taken
  • The second class must be taken until they are of equal level. From then on, one can only be one level higher than the other.
  • The first class is based upon membership in an organization. If ties are severed, it is no longer treated as a prestige class, some benefits may be lost, and levels may no longer be taken. (Can be remedied by reentry)



Critical Hits and Misses

All critical hits must be confirmed. If a 20 is confirmed by a 20, an additional confirm will cause maximum damage.

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After participating in various failed attempts to run play by post D&D type games, and noting that some of the people involved are fans of blogging, I thought a single blog for us to discuss, rant about, and to chronicle the events of our games was in order. With luck this space will  serve us well until we either a) get bored, b) get way too lazy, or c) find the time and commitment for a real web-space.