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In February 2012, a band of adventures were brought together by fate to save Sandpoint in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path by Paizo Publishing.

(Character creation in progress)

Character Generation

You have a pool of 24 dice. Before you roll any stats, assign 2-6 dice to each stat. You will then roll that many dice and take the sum of the highest three.

Ex: 3d6 str, 6d6 dex, 3d6 con, 4d6 int, 4d6 wis, 4d6 cha – Taking the 3 highest dice for each stat

Minimum value in anything but Charisma – 5. Minimum Charisma value – 3. (Remember you die if a stat ever reduces to 0 for any reason!)



Pathfinder specific alternate/optional rules


  • Traits – All PCs may pick two traits and they may not be from the same category of traits. For instance, you can have a Faith and a Social, but not two Faith traits. The “feats” from the RotR Player’s guide count as traits. Other traits may be found in the “core” handbooks: APG, UM, UC, AA
  • Base classes – All
  • Alternate classes – Only anti-paladin
  • Alternate abilities/archetypes – Allowed

Advanced Players Guide

  • Combat Maneuvers – Allowed
  • Hero Points – In use. Hero point feats or “anti-hero”, losing hero points in exchange for a bonus feat is allowed.

Ultimate Magic

  • Allowed – Spellblights, spell duels, building constructs, new familiars (area of world dependent)
  • Not allowed – Binding outsiders, words of power

Ultimate Combat

  • Allowed – Duels, Performance Combat, called shots, piecemeal armor,
  • Not allowed – Siege Engines, (most) Vehicles, armor as damage reduction, wounds & vigor



Prestige Classes

A second prestige class can only be taken in the following circumstances

  • All levels of the first prestige class have been taken
  • The second class must be taken until they are of equal level. From then on, one can only be one level higher than the other.
  • The first class is based upon membership in an organization. If ties are severed, it is no longer treated as a prestige class, some benefits may be lost, and levels may no longer be taken. (Can be remedied by reentry)



Critical Hits and Misses

All critical hits must be confirmed. If a 20 is confirmed by a 20, an additional confirm will cause maximum damage.

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